Many garden plots lay in the triangle of rising ground between the riverside village of Strand on the Green on the west, the High Road to the north and Sutton Lane/Fauconberg Road and Grove Park Terrace to the south east (all now London w4). Garden grounds extended as far as Turnham Green and there were more in the area that is now the Hogarth Roundabout (A4/A316 junction today).

On his 1746 map of London & Environs John Rocque shows this very distinctive landscape, which differs from nearby farmland and the estates of Chiswick Grove (to the south), Sutton Court (to the east of the Strand) and Lord Burlington’s parkland (at the centre of the map).

The garden grounds have parallel rows of planting, sometimes in squares, and are often enclosed within walls or hedges to shelter them from the winds which still whip across the flat land beside the river. The area was well placed for road and river transport and near to the Brentford Ferry.

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