For Capability Brown’s 300th anniversary I was invited to speak at a conference at Hampton Court. My role was to reveal the Greenings who worked in the decades before Brown, often in a similar style, and whose landscapes had often been obliterated, wholly or in part, by later owners who commissioned Brown. I rather enjoyed singing their praises and pooh-poohing him in a roomful of Brown groupies!

From that event has emerged this book, edited by Jon Finch and Jan Woudstra, which was published by White Rose Press on 2 November. It can be downloaded free of charge or purchased as a hardback volume.

I am delighted to say that my talk has grown into Chapter 9 of the book and I hope readers find it interesting – there is far more information there than in the posts on this website. In the 4 years since 2016 I have uncovered much more about the Greening family and that will appear here in the future.